Home Exhibitions Covid-19: Art galleries have held up rather well thanks to new collectors and those who saved

Covid-19: Art galleries have held up rather well thanks to new collectors and those who saved

Covid-19: Art galleries have held up rather well thanks to new collectors and those who saved

After confinement , free exhibitions. In Paris, 138 contemporary and modern art galleries will participate until Sunday June 6 in the 8th edition of Paris Gallery Weekend. The opportunity for them to increase their visibility by opening their doors, even if they have withstood the health crisis linked to the covid-19 epidemic rather well.

During the closure of museums and until their own closure in early April, Parisian art galleries have seen attendance records. The prize goes to the Lelong gallery with more than 12,000 visitors in less than four months for the exhibition of recent works by painter David Hockney on Normandy. Attendancewas good and the business quickly resumed after the first containment confirms Delphine Guillaud, founder of the Backslash gallery. “As early as May 2020, as soon as we started to be a little released, people started to contact us very quickly to acquire works   or ask for artist files. “

During the lockdown, sales continued remotely and new customers were added to the usual collectors. “We had the opportunity to be in contact with new collectors, younger people who are connected on social networks, explains Nathalie Berghège, Director of Galerie Lelong. I had the case on several occasions people s ‘were well documented and arrived at the gallery with an envelope to make their first purchase. “

With the health restrictions, buyers spent less. According to Delphine Guillaud, part of this money was transferred to the purchase of works. “There are a lot of people who have been saving on their holiday and have had the opportunity to invest in works of art and have fun, explains USAinformations the founder of the Backslash gallery. There people who have saved 20 to 30,000 euros over the year on vacation. If you have ten people who can afford to buy works of art   at 20,000 euros, that’s already a significant turnover for the year. “

The recent arrival of large international galleries reinforces the dynamism of the Parisian market. Traditionally based in London, they chose to settle in Paris because of Brexit . Of course , the Brexit announcement played a role in our decision to have a presence in continental Europe , said Justine Durrett, director of the Zwirner gallery. It was a factor that accelerated our decision.” There is also, according to her, a revival in Paris “with a dynamic in contemporary art that attracts artists but also collectors. Everyone likes to come to Paris to see art.”

In awaiting the return of foreigners, it is the French that the Parisian galleries open their doors this weekend with 138 free exhibitions.